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As a private cloud provider, we need to make sure we limit downtime for our clients.  Today we received a flood of calls at 1 pm est from our South Florida Clients not being able to connect to our services.  The common denominator, these clients all have Comcast Xfinity as their internet provider.  Most of our clients have in their office, load-balanced firewalls, with multiple internet providers, but some are located in areas where fiber is not offered yet.  Without Fiber being available, companies need to rely all in on Comcast.  (DSL is no longer an option for an office using cloud services.)  The reason for this article is not to state the obvious that a nationwide outage occurred today.  The real reason for this article is the lack of transparency to these type of outages by Comcast and the local media.  I am baffled that none of the local news report this or even mention something affecting local businesses in their areas.  Most clients we have use hosted email services and have a portion if not all services in the cloud.

In my opinion, there is a clear direction to not report on these service outages that would make Comcast, Att, TW, and other internet providers look bad.  There is no official release on what caused approx 2 hours of interruption of services, but some sources are reporting external configurations from a 3rd party are a possible cause of the outage.  What I don’t understand is why Comcast does not send out an email to their clients or have a public portal that does not require a login, that is updated in real-time…  They instead spam twitter with #Comcastcares with 3 useless updates.  Does Comcast think their business clients are all going to Twitter to see why they have no internet?



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