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CMMC for DoD Contractors

GiaSpace is a CMMC RPO & Registered Practitioner supporting
the DoD Contractors towards becoming CMMC Certified


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CMMC Level 1

If a company will receive exclusively FCI and not CUI under the contract,
then the company will only need CMMC Level 1 implementation.

CMMC Level 2

If a company is currently a CMMC Level 1 and eventually wants to bid
on CMMC Level 3 contracts, working towards a CMMC Level 2 is a smart
way to slowly ramp up.

CMMC Level 3

If a company receives CUI under the contract, then CMMC Level 3 will
be required as the minimum.

CMMC Consulting Service / CMMC Implementation Help / CMMC Pre-Assessment

Get help achieving compliance and be ready for the CMMC Assessment. We
are at your side to provide a clear implementation path – from helping
with policies, practices/procedures, plans, to recommending suitable
controls and performing a pre-assessment audit.

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