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Network Forensics: A Must-Have Security Partner.

Neutralize Threats With Intelligent, Cutting-Edge Investigative & Analysis Tools.

Four out of five [victims][of a breach] don’t realize they’ve been attacked for a week or longer. As if that wasn’t enough bad news, according to Keeper Security’s “[The State of SMB Cyber Security]” report, a staggering 50 percent of small and midsized organizations reported suffering at least one cyber attack in the last 12 months.

We know the biggest challenge and concern for your small business is your customers’ compromised data.

Our in-depth Network Forensics investigation could uncover the proof necessary to show intent, which may be useful in definitively proving a crime actually occurred.

Restore Your Organization With A Customized Network Forensics & Analysis

To reduce the impact of a security incident as quickly as possible, small-medium business organizations should focus on a swift investigation. GiaSpace Network Forensics makes this possible. When you’ve been attacked, our team can immediately begin a post-incident response investigation and determine the scope and impact of the incident.

We’ll effectively handle the intrusion incident, contain the threat and re-secure your network, so you can resume business and reassure your customers with confidence.

Our Network Forensic & Analysis Covers:

Small-Medium Business Forensics

  • Facilitate rapid detection and investigations.
  • Identify relevant past network occurrences, allowing for accurate incident scoping.

Malware Analysis

  • Uncover the attack lifecycle and safely execute and analyze malware.
  • Follow on malware analysis and/or definitive data loss determination.

Endpoint Forensics

  • Triage the investigation to quickly detect, contain and respond to threats with precision using comprehensive, intelligence-driven endpoint visibility.
  • Identify an attacker’s command-and-control abilities and actions.

Threat Analytics Platform

  • Unify security operations across network systems (remote, on-premise and cloud) to ensure thorough investigations and detection of threats.
  • Identify patterns of activity or specific actions that warrant further investigation.


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