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All businesses, no matter their size, use technology to run their company efficiently and compete in the growing marketplace. That’s why it’s incredibly frustrating when IT problems slow your business and productivity, or worse, cause expensive downtime and disruption.

The Advantages of Managed IT Support Services

From managing your company’s hardware, software, networks and phone systems, to handling your daily cyber security, storage, backup and disaster recovery, we keep your business and your customers protected and connected.

We offer small – midsize companies a full spectrum of IT support services giving you the ability to hire us for just what you need. Whether working as your sole IT partner or you hire us to be an extension of your in-house team, we can customize a comprehensive management and monitoring plan for your specific IT infrastructure and desktop needs.

Proactive IT Support

When you hire GiaSpace, you gain peace of mind knowing your IT systems are running efficiently and issues are being addressed swiftly, often before you or your employees are even aware there was a problem.

The result: less technology frustration and more time connecting with customers and growing your business.