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Email Services: End-to-End Email Protection & Security

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For most businesses, email is a fast, efficient conduit for sending documents, discussing key information and storing critical business data. For hackers, your company email could be one of the most vulnerable and easiest points of access into your small-midsize business. That’s because once a malicious link or attachment has been opened, it can quickly wreak havoc on your employee’s computer as well as your entire network.

Build A Stronger Defense

Hackers know that far too many small-midsize organizations lack reliable email continuity, storage and security measures to adequately and effectively impede cyber-attacks.

Don’t Leave Your Emails To Chance

With a secure hosted exchange and email encryption from GiaSpace, your company can stop known and emerging email-borne threats before they reach your company’s computer system.

Our Email Services:

  • Stop Email Viruses, Phishing scams & Spam in Their Tracks
  • Protect Your Organization’s Inbox Assuring Emails are Working to Benefit Your Business
  • Improve Your Business Processes by Storing Large Amount of Data Thereby Reducing Pressure on Your Servers
  • Help Your Business Develop Email Protocols & Train Your Employees


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Hosted Exchange – An Enterprise Level Email Solution for Small-Midsize Businesses

The most cost effective email solution and protection for organizations who want to ensure their business emails are safe and remain assessable. Using GiaSpace hosted exchange lets your small-midsize company take advantage of our exchange server without the responsibility of having to perform regular maintenance or purchase hardware.

Email Encryption Solutions –Protect Your Email, In Transit & At Rest

Stop data leaks before they cause harm to your business. Our IT professionals will configure an end-to-end email encryption solution for your business that protects sensitive email data, improves business communications and ensures your compliance needs are met.

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