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Cloud computing services give small – medium size companies a significant business advantage by providing access to enterprise-quality hardware, software and support solutions without the financial costs associated.

Our Cloud computing services allow businesses to move their workloads to a secure, hosted environment where they can easily scale as their business grows, paying only for what they need, when they need it.

The Cloud Advantages for Small – Medium Businesses

Simply stated, the Cloud is an alternative name for a data center that allows you to lease hardware resources, rather than purchase. The applications and data can be easily shared and accessed through most computing devices.

For small – medium size businesses this means you can significantly reduce operating costs and lower stress levels by not having to worry about allocating server space, ensuring software updates, maintaining or replacing server hardware, anti-virus management, and data backup.

Cloud computing allows users to access data from anywhere, at any time, giving your staff greater mobility and productivity. This can be especially important when severe weather or a natural disaster hits, and your streamlined cloud computing services can provide your company with access to data over the Internet, quickly.

GiaSpace Cloud-Based Services:

  • Cloud based IT support
  • Cloud hosted solutions
  • Cloud migrations
  • Cloud VoIP services
  • Hosted CCTV
  • Managed cloud IT solutions
  • Secure offsite cloud based backups & recovery


Private On-Premise Cloud

With a private cloud infrastructure your company has exclusive use, allowing you to own, manage, and operate on-site. As your business grows you can continue to add resources and expand to your virtualized desktops and servers.

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