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Hope you are doing well and that this message comes to you before rather than after a Cyber Security Breach.

It has become too common now to see another local Gov Agency that has been crippled from some sort of Cyber Security blackout or a Small Business had to resort to frantically pray their backups could restore their business due to a malicious email, that encrypted their company files before paying a ransom.

When it comes to protecting your small-to-medium-sized business (SMB) from Cyber Criminals, there are strong security protocols you need to implement in three areas: physical, technical and human. Whether you’re a small company with fewer than 10 employees or a larger company with more than 100 employees, everyone needs to have a good understanding of Cyber Security and what the risks are for the entire organization.

GiaSpace provides an inclusive in-depth Cyber Prevention Solution for our existing clients, and as a standalone service for new clients ensuring your systems are protected down to the employee level, to keep your computers and networks safe.

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