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IT Solutions for the Construction Industry

We keep your construction company competitive & efficient.

The construction industry faces a host of unique business challenges, from having workers different job site, to monitoring workflow in the field to keeping track of each construction sites renderings, blueprints, project specs, and images.

As your IT support partner, GiaSpace will keep you securely connected to your employees regardless of their location; ensure your IT infrastructure can handle large files and make sure each project’s financial information is secure and easily accessible in the office, and in the field.

With more than 10 years of Construction Industry IT experience and expertise, we understand the unique technological needs of your business and can provide you with complete end-to-end IT support and security including:

  • Confidential Data Storage & Backup Protection
  • Full Service, Enterprise Level IT Services
  • Integrated Applications specific to the Construction Business
  • Mobile & Wireless Solutions
  • Secure Cloud Solutions
  • Security Assessment & Consultative Services
  • Software Installation
  • Training
  • And more