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A Comprehensive Comparison Between Microsoft 365 Business Standard and Business Premium

Choosing the right Office 365 plan for your business is crucial to ensure that your team has access to the tools they need for efficient collaboration and productivity. Microsoft offers several plans, and understanding the differences between Office 365 Business Standard and Business Premium can help you determine the best fit for your needs.

Office 365 Business Standard is designed to provide a comprehensive set of productivity tools for businesses of varying sizes. This plan includes desktop and mobile versions of essential Microsoft applications, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote, as well as access to SharePoint, Skype for Business, and Exchange. It also offers 1 TB of OneDrive for Business cloud storage per user, allowing your team members to store and access files from anywhere securely.

However, if you require additional security and management features, you may want to consider Office 365 Business Premium. In addition to the tools offered in the Business Standard plan, this plan provides advanced services such as Microsoft Intune for mobile device management, Azure Information Protection for securing sensitive data, and Advanced Threat Protection for your email system. By understanding the specific requirements of your business, you can make an informed decision between these two Office 365 plans.

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Overview of Microsoft 365 Business Plans

When choosing a Microsoft 365 plan for your business, it’s essential to understand the differences between the options available. This section will discuss Microsoft 365 Business Standard and Microsoft 365 Business Premium plans.

Microsoft 365 Business Standard

Microsoft 365 Business Standard is a comprehensive suite of productivity and collaboration tools designed to help you and your team work more efficiently. This plan includes popular apps such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook and cloud services like SharePoint, OneDrive, and Microsoft Teams.

Features of Microsoft 365 Business Standard:

  • Access to the latest versions of Office apps (both online and desktop versions)
  • OneDrive for Business with 1 TB of storage per user
  • SharePoint for team collaboration and document management
  • Microsoft Teams for communication and teamwork
  • Email and calendar with a 50 GB mailbox and custom domain

Microsoft 365 Business Standard suits small and medium-sized businesses needing robust productivity tools and collaboration features.

Microsoft 365 Business Premium

Microsoft 365 Business Premium builds upon the features of Business Standard by adding advanced security and device management capabilities. It is designed for businesses with stricter security requirements or highly regulated industries.

Features of Microsoft 365 Business Premium:

  • All Business Standard features plus:
  • Advanced security and compliance tools with Microsoft Defender for Office 365
  • Device management via Intune and Microsoft Endpoint Manager
  • Identity and access management with Azure Active Directory

For businesses in Lakeland, South Florida, and the Gainesville region, selecting the right Microsoft 365 plan can be crucial. Microsoft 365 Business Premium is ideal for organizations seeking a comprehensive productivity solution combined with advanced security and device management capabilities.

Consider your business needs when deciding between Microsoft 365 Business Standard and Business Premium. By understanding their differences, you can ensure that you choose the right plan, empower your team’s productivity, and protect your company’s valuable data.

Main Differences between Business Standard and Business Premium

Services and Applications

  • Business Standard: With this plan, you can access essential Microsoft Office applications, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote. It also provides cloud storage with OneDrive and SharePoint. Additionally, you get collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams and Planner.
  • Business Premium: This plan offers everything included in the Business Standard, plus Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) and Information Rights Management (IRM), allowing for extra security and control. The added features help protect your business from various cyber threats and manage access and permissions in your organization.

Pricing and Subscription

  • Business Standard: The Microsoft 365 Business Standard plan typically costs around $12.50 per user monthly, billed annually. This option offers an outstanding balance between features and budget for a wide range of business needs.
  • Business Premium: Priced at approximately $20 per user per month, billed annually, Business Premium offers you all the tools and features of Business Standard with the added benefit of advanced protection and control. However, the higher price comes with enhanced security and management features that may not be necessary for all businesses.

Support and Updates

Both Business Standard and Business Premium plans provide the following:

  • 24/7 phone and web support
  • Regular updates on security and performance
  • Access to the latest releases of Microsoft Office applications

In short, the main differences between Business Standard and Business Premium lie in the additional security features and information access control offered by the Premium plan. Consider the specific needs of your business when choosing between the two plans.

Choosing the Right Plan for Your Organization

When selecting between Office 365 Business Standard and Business Premium, you should consider several factors, such as your organization’s size, required features, and budget constraints.

Business Size

Assessing your organization’s size and needs is crucial before selecting a plan. Smaller organizations might find that Office 365 Business Standard is sufficient as it provides all the essential tools such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, along with cloud storage and collaboration tools like OneDrive and SharePoint.

On the other hand, medium to large businesses might benefit from Office 365 Business Premium, as it includes additional features like Microsoft Teams for seamless communication and collaboration, as well as advanced security and device management with Intune and Azure Information Protection.

Required Features

Examining which features are necessary for your organization’s operations is essential. Business Standard and Business Premium offer comprehensive tools and services, but there are notable differences.

  • Business Standard mainly provides core Office applications, email, and cloud storage.
  • Business Premium includes all Business Standard features, with additional communication, security, and device management services.

It’s vital to assess your organization’s specific needs to determine the most suitable plan, paying close attention to the required features and their benefits to your business operations.

Budget Constraints

Lastly, consider the impact of the subscription cost on your organization’s budget. Business Standard is more affordable than Business Premium, which might be crucial for smaller organizations with limited budgets. However, larger organizations should weigh the additional features and benefits Business Premium provides against its higher cost to ensure it aligns with the company’s financial priorities.

In summary, carefully evaluate your organization’s size, required features, and budget constraints when choosing between Office 365 Business Standard and Business Premium, and select the plan that best serves your needs and promotes growth and productivity.

How GiaSpace Helps Florida Businesses With Microsoft 365

Microsoft Product Experts

When it comes to Microsoft 365, you need experts on your side. GiaSpace’s team has in-depth knowledge of Business Standard and Business Premium plans, enabling them to guide your Florida business in selecting the best plan. By understanding your unique needs, GiaSpace can help you leverage the tools included in each plan, such as:

  • Business Basic: $6 per license
  • Business Premium: $22 per license
  • E3: $36 per license
  • Office 365 E1: $10 per license

Digital Transformation Experts

Your business needs to stay ahead of the curve as technology evolves. GiaSpace specializes in digital transformation and can help you assess your current setup and identify areas where Microsoft 365 can streamline processes and boost productivity. Working with GiaSpace ensures that your business will efficiently transition to the digital landscape and harness the full power of Microsoft 365.

Full Support

Partnering with GiaSpace means you’ll receive end-to-end support for Microsoft 365. From initial consultation and plan selection to deployment and ongoing maintenance, GiaSpace is there to help your business every step of the way. Some of the benefits of working with GiaSpace include:

  • Expert guidance in choosing the right Microsoft 365 plan for your business
  • Assistance with setup, configuration, and deployment
  • Ongoing support to ensure smooth operation and issue resolution

By leveraging GiaSpace’s expertise and dedication to customer success, your Florida business can efficiently adopt Microsoft 365 and reap the benefits of increased productivity and collaboration.

Where Does GiaSpace Provide Microsoft Support?

South Florida

In South Florida (Fort Lauderdale & Miami), GiaSpace offers Microsoft support to businesses seeking reliable IT solutions. Their services include system installation, troubleshooting, and training for all Microsoft products, ensuring your business runs smoothly and efficiently. They also provide ongoing management and proactive maintenance to keep your systems current.

Highlands County

GiaSpace provides Microsoft support to businesses in Highlands County (Sebring and Avon Park), offering various services tailored to meet the region’s unique needs. With a team of experienced technicians, they handle everything from infrastructure setup to end-user training. Their goal is to help your business maximize productivity and minimize downtime.

Lakeland & Polk County

For businesses in Lakeland & Polk County, GiaSpace provides comprehensive Microsoft support. They assist with system setup, troubleshooting, and training on Microsoft products. Their professionals work to minimize downtime, improve productivity, and manage your IT infrastructure efficiently. Their services help businesses get the most out of their Microsoft investments.

Gainesville & Ocala

In Gainesville & Ocala, GiaSpace offers Microsoft support to help businesses reach their full potential. Their services include hardware and software installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting for Microsoft products. They work with you to ensure your company has the tools necessary for success and that your technology stays current.