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Strengthen Your Cyber Defenses.

Cyber Security Audits: Know Where Your Business Networks Are Most Vulnerable.

Many small-medium business owners think they are safe from cyber threats such as hackers, network viruses, malware or a cyber-security breach. Yet, more than 70 percent of cyber attacks target SMBs because owners wrongfully believe hackers are only interested in going after big companies.

Remember Target and Home Depot’s customer data breaches? In both situations, hackers gained access through vendors (small businesses) who were the intrusion point for each of the larger companies.

An IBM study estimates the costs of a data breach for each lost or stolen record to be $158 globally and upwards of $220 for the U.S. – this includes lawsuits, legal assistance, compliance and notification, IT consulting, recovering data, crisis communications, and new network systems. Considering the number cyber attacks against smaller businesses, it’s no surprise that 60% of them will go out of business within six months of a breach.

Protect Your Organization With A Customized Threat Intelligence Report

Our in-depth Network Audits help you achieve effective risk management and security compliance by revealing where your internal IT, networks and external business partners put your small-mid-sized organization and customers at risk of cyber threats.

GiaSpace Network Audits will locate the digital vulnerabilities that your business is facing and provide recommendations to ensure proper security controls are integrated into your technology environment.

Our Cyber Security Audits include:

  • Analysis of the network design
  • Diagnose performance, and levels of redundancy of server hardware
  • Analysis of the security environment (software, policies and procedures)
  • Review of your back-up systems: hardware, software, data management, and disaster recovery planning
  • Full documentation of your systems so that we can manage your technology both remotely and onsite
  • Evaluate the state of your business’s technology
  • Evaluate the state of each hardware component and software application deployed
  • Evaluate the specific configurations for your network-related hardware and software
  • Recommend modifications and replacements based on current standards
  • Create a technology roadmap to help you prioritize our recommendations


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