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How GiaSpace Saved This Firm From Fraud

Rapid business growth becomes a big issue when you outpace your cybersecurity capabilities. That’s why this firm partnered with GiaSpace.

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GiaSpace Saves South Florida Firm From Fraud


A pharmaceutical manufacturer that has grown rapidly over its recent years in business.

The Problem

Business growth is a double-edged sword. The more you can expand and the greater economy of scale you can access, the more profit you can generate.

But there’s a catch—you need to be able to manage your rapidly expanding network of locations and entities, including your IT.

Unfortunately, IT often takes a backseat when enterprise organizations acquire new businesses. This can lead to severe performance issues, chronic downtime, and extremely dangerous cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

That was the case for this pharmaceutical manufacturing firm—they were growing so fast they couldn’t scale their cybersecurity defenses in line with their infrastructure and staff. They were being targeted CEO and Financial fraud attacks on a regular basis, and they knew it was just a matter of time before it cost them.

The Solution

This pharmaceutical manufacturer made the right call by partnering with GiaSpace.

We had worked with other firms they were familiar with, and trusted us to bring their systems, infrastructure, and cybersecurity capabilities in line with their expanding scope.

We helped them scale their IT as they grew into a major presence in the pharmaceutical manufacturing sector. This ensured they had the security capabilities and IT resources they needed to continue growing without taking on any additional risks.

How GiaSpace Solved This Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Firm’s Problems

Plurilock Continuous Authentication

We equipped them with Plurilock’s industry-leading advanced continuous authentication software, which applies a zero-trust methodology to their systems’ cybersecurity. This ensures that no assumptions are ever made about users or assets—every instance of access is verified, vastly enhancing their cybersecurity from end to end.


We configured and deployed Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems that handle the management of their core business processes, in real-time, using a combination of various software and technology.


We implemented a Dell-based Remote Desktop System to allow for secure, remote access to the pharmaceutical manufacturing firm’s systems from authorized staff members.


We used Hyper-V to make the most out of the servers they already had, creating virtual machines that require no physical space while operating reliably and conveniently.

Hosted Exchange

Hosted Exchange allows the firm to utilize off-site servers that enable office processes at their offices from a remote location. Thanks to the unparalleled scalability of Hosted Exchange, we were able to design a configuration that directly suits the firm’s needs.


We deployed a range of Sophos solutions to keep the firm safe, protecting their endpoints, addressing viral threats, and more.


This application control product follows zero trust methodology, which assumes that every aspect is a potential vulnerability until it can be confirmed otherwise. This greatly mitigates the threats posed by modern cybercrime attack vectors.

When Will Your Business’ Growth Start Causing Problems?

GiaSpace has the experience and expertise to help you seamlessly grow your IT systems in one with your business.

Our team carefully plans ongoing expansions and upgrades for clients’ systems before they overtake their current IT resources. This ensures they never get held back by their IT. We will keep you secure, productive, and operational no matter how rapid your growth is.

Get in touch with our team to start planning your next phase today.