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How GiaSpace Transformed Cain Food Industries’ Technical Landscape

In today’s fast-paced digital age, a company’s IT infrastructure is akin to its backbone – essential, foundational, and imperative for its smooth operation. When Cain Food Industries, Inc., a pioneering supplier of ingredients to the baking world, felt a growing unease about the efficiency of their IT services, they knew a change was imperative.

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About Cain Food Industries, Inc.

With a strong legacy spanning 45 years, Cain Food Industries, Inc. is not just another name in the baking industry. Established by founders Ernie and Billie Cain, the company takes immense pride in its rich heritage. Quality products and an unparalleled customer service approach set them apart. As the company journeyed into its third generation of family ownership, their commitment remained unflinching, making them a go-to supplier for many in the industry.

The Challenge

Eduardo Omana, Cain Food’s diligent accounting manager, had unexpectedly found himself also at the helm of the company’s IT infrastructure. With an inherited IT landscape, the challenges seemed never-ending. Cain Foods had previously engaged with a Managed Service Provider (MSP), but the inadequacies were palpable. Open issues loomed large, with no insight from the prior MSP. Additionally, challenges like conflicting IP subnets due to multiple DHCP servers, issues with barcode scanners in the warehouse, EOL servers left undiscussed, and WiFi coverage issues plagued their operations.

On top of these challenges, Eduardo mentioned Cain Foods’ experience with their previous IT provider. “Responsiveness wasn’t their strong suit,” he reminisced. The silver lining, however, was GiaSpace.

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GiaSpace’s Intervention

Recommended by a company that assisted Cain with SAP, GiaSpace’s entry marked a turning point.

They were proactive, stepping into the project with minimal guidance, and had a clear roadmap. Speaking on GiaSpace’s role, Eduardo stated, “They’ve truly been game-changers. Their commitment to ensuring our server and IT infrastructure remain top-notch has been commendable. Their involvement has been holistic, from handling our once-troublesome WMS system to managing vendor relations.”

One remarkable feat by GiaSpace was its adeptness at resolving issues remotely. Despite being headquartered in Florida, miles away from Cain Foods in Dallas, GiaSpace shattered the myth that proximity equals efficiency. Through a robust network of trusted IT professionals, they ensured that Cain Foods received prompt local support when required. Eduardo confessed, “Our initial reservations about the geographical distance quickly dissipated. Their service quality was unmatched.”

Under GiaSpace’s supervision, significant strides were made:

  • Cisco Meraki Firewalls: These were rolled out under MSP, ensuring a fortified and secure network.
  • WiFi Coverage: Collaborating with a local MSP, GiaSpace ran extensive WiFi scans to determine and rectify dead zones.
  • Barcode Scanner Issues: A hands-on approach meant GiaSpace personnel went onsite to troubleshoot scanner issues and eventually ascertain that the problems weren’t network-related.
  • Ubiquiti POE Switches: Unmanaged HP switches were replaced with new Ubiquiti POE switches, ensuring better performance and manageability.

It was evident that with GiaSpace, the focus wasn’t just on addressing challenges but on optimizing for the future.


GiaSpace’s engagement with Cain Food Industries, Inc. is a testament to the transformational power of proactive and comprehensive IT services. This case study offers a blueprint for businesses contemplating an IT infrastructure overhaul. The geographical location of an MSP isn’t a limitation; instead, quality, responsiveness, and a deep understanding of client needs are the true determinants of success.

As Cain Foods forges ahead, bolstered by GiaSpace’s unwavering support, they stand as a beacon, illuminating the path for others in the industry.