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The South Florida Manufacturing Sector Immediately Benefits From GiaSpace’s Outsourced IT Management And IT Services

One thing that we can all agree on is that the rapidly changing technology landscape requires that businesses accelerate their adoption of emerging technologies. In turn, this creates a need to acquire expertise in these emerging technologies quickly to keep up with your competition. But for businesses that want to stay agile, onboarding tech experts for every new technology isn’t feasible. This is where outsourcing comes in handy. Keeping agility and cost in mind and partnering with a managed service provider is the ideal solution for businesses that want to gain a competitive edge.

Recently, a client in the manufacturing industry approached GiaSpace for its IT services. This post will walk you through the services that GiaSpace offers and how we helped the client meet their technology and IT needs.

Let’s dive in.

How GiaSpace Provides Amazing IT Services To The South Florida Manufacturing Sector

The Impact of Technology on Businesses in the Manufacturing Industry

There’s no doubting the transformative effects of technological advancement on businesses. Modern manufacturing is an increasingly technology-driven and automated industry. It relies on advanced systems and technologies that are transforming the face of manufacturing in ways that were inconceivable just a few decades ago.

The digitization of the manufacturing industry has advanced so far that it is being referred to as industry 4.0 – representing the fourth industrial revolution driven by connectivity, data, and cyber systems. Some of the biggest trends that form the building blocks of industry 4.0 include:

  • The Internet of Things (IoT): This technology constitutes interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines with unique identifiers, and the capability to remit data over a network without requiring human-to-computer or human-to-human interaction. IoT not only transforms the consumer market but also the upkeep and maintenance of electronic devices used in manufacturing processes as well.
  • Cloud Services: These are infrastructure, software, or platforms that are hosted by third-party providers and are available to users via the internet. Cloud services enable the virtual sharing of data from any location quickly and efficiently.
  • Vertical and Horizontal System Integration: This technology enables businesses, functions, and departments to become more cohesive. It typically turns them into an automated value chain.
  • Nanotechnology: This solution enables things like longer product cycles, faster computer processing, and super-precision manufacturing. Nanotechnology also pioneers advancements in sectors such as biotechnology.
  • Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, and Industrial Robotics: These technologies offer ways to increase productivity, reduce costs, and improve quality by automating monotonous and complex tasks.
  • Predictive Technologies and Advanced Data Analytics: These solutions allow for better process control, faster response time in manufacturing, and the prevention of defects.

Today, more than ever, manufacturers need to stay updated with the latest technology if they wish to be competitive. Digital technologies are profoundly impacting the way businesses operate autonomously today. Inspection and production processes are being reinvented to minimize waste and foresee maintenance and operation needs.

That said, whereas the advancement in technology has brought forth a lot of perks, it also comes with its share of challenges. For instance, the increased dependence on technology has resulted in an increase in cybersecurity cases. Whereas no industry is safe from cyber incidents such as ransomware attacks, the manufacturing sector has been hit hard. According to a 2021 NTT report, attacks on the manufacturing industry had increased by 300% in the previous year. With the assaults in this industry coming thick and fast, it is vital that players in this industry beef up their cybersecurity systems before they fall victim to an attack.

There are two major reasons why the manufacturing industry has seen an increase in cybercrime:

  • It has a wide attack surface area: There are numerous places within a manufacturing system where cybercriminals can attack.
  • Fewer compliance measures: This makes it challenging to keep pace with the criminals’ evolving tactics.

How GiaSpace Can Help Businesses in the Manufacturing Industry Get the Most Out of Their Technology

We believe that technology can significantly boost sales, enhance customer service, and streamline business practices. That is why we offer business technology IT solutions tailored to your industry. Here is an outline of our end-to-end business technology IT solutions and how they can benefit your manufacturing business:

1. Cloud Management 

In today’s hyper-competitive environment, manufacturers need to meet the rising demand for quicker delivery and increased production. Cloud technology can help manufacturers meet these demands. Connectivity is one of the core pillars of the manufacturing industry. Cloud computing provides several solutions for various parts of the manufacturing process, from productivity to marketing. Integrating cloud technology into multiple operational areas only increases the benefits gained from using it.

GiaSpace can provide you with cloud solutions that will bring your business operations into the future. Our services are tailored to meet your business’s specific needs and help you attain an unmatched return on investment (ROI).

2. Cybersecurity Training 

The relationship between information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) was traditionally siloed, and businesses in the manufacturing industry did not need to worry about the threat of cybercrime. Today, that’s no longer the case. The emergence of industry 4.0 and the rapid digital transformation means that your employees need to upskill in terms of security awareness. Your cybersecurity training platform should also be for employees who are less tech-savvy.

At GiaSpace, we offer a personalized learning experience – our training sessions autonomously adapt to an employee’s individual learning pace such that high-risk employees receive high-frequency training. You can be sure that our training will help ensure that your staff is conversant with cybersecurity best practices. Consequently, your business will face less risk of becoming a victim of cyber incidents. We can also help you with CMCC preparations.

3. Hardware and Software Procurement 

When you are planning on investing in new IT infrastructure, you are looking at spending a significant amount of money. As such, it is essential that you ensure that you invest in the right technology for your business.

Whether you want to purchase an RDS to simplify the setup, scaling, and operation of a relational database for use in applications, or you want to purchase a ThreatLocker stack for zero trust endpoint security, you need to ensure that it is ideal for your business.

GiaSpace provides businesses with a fully managed software and hardware procurement service. You don’t have to spend time and money trying to find the right solutions for your needs, then go on to spend even more resources finding another firm to implement and support those solutions. With us, you are sure that our team will help you procure, configure, implement, and support any technology products that your business needs.

4. Network Audits 

Today, regardless of the industry, no business is safe from cyber threats. Therefore, it is crucial for businesses to perform network audits to identify any network vulnerabilities and fix them. Our in-depth network audits will help you achieve risk management and security compliance by revealing where your internal IT, network, and external business partners put your business and customers at risk of cyber threats. We will locate the digital vulnerabilities that your business is facing and offer recommendations to ensure proper security controls are integrated into your technology environment.

5. Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Management 

Understanding how essential backup and disaster recovery is is important for minimizing the impact of unplanned downtime on your business. Downtimes can result in manufacturing industries quickly losing a lot of revenue. Unfortunately, human errors, natural disasters, ransomware attacks, and security data breaches can all jeopardize the availability of IT resources. A downtime can decrease employee productivity, derail customer interactions, destroy data, and halt business operations.

Data should be backed up as frequently as possible to ensure that, if data gets lost, your business ceases to exist. We can help you backup your data so that you can always access it and keep your business up and running following a disaster.

6. Helpdesk Support 

When you manage a manufacturing business, safety and efficiency become your top priorities. You endeavor to increase your productivity while ensuring a safe work environment for your employees. Achieving this feat with an internal team is easier said than done.

Our helpdesk experts will work smoothly with your team to provide high-quality IT helpdesk services. Much more than a traditional helpdesk, GiaSpace’s IT service desk services provide our customers with expert and immediate helpdesk services without the costly overhead. Our IT helpdesk services are available round the clock via chat, phone, or email.

7. SOC Management 

Managing and keeping track of critical security solutions and infrastructure demands a lot of resources that many businesses aren’t able to handle efficiently on their own. GiaSpace offers an effective alternative. Our SOC management services take those responsibilities off your plate, allowing you to focus your staff and resources on other pressing company projects.

Bottom Line

There’s always room for improvement in business, and this is particularly true in the manufacturing industry. Given that tasks in this industry can be relatively technical as well as constitute repetitive tasks, technology can help streamline processes and enhance your productivity.

GiaSpace Is a Premium IT Services Provider For The South Florida Manufacturing Industry

From your company’s software, hardware, phone systems, and networks to handling your daily cybersecurity, storage, backup, and disaster recovery, we’ll ensure that your business operations run seamlessly. Contact us today to get started.