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Kimcox Accounting Outsources IT Services To GiaSpace

Kimcox Accounting is a small business advisory firm providing quality services to clients nationwide, from the West Coast to the East Coast. A company specializing in advisory services, they help businesses with accounting and compliance issues and offers valuable consultation for day-to-day operations. The firm greatly emphasizes and utilizes technology in all aspects of its business, from its accounting programs to its remote work setup. With a growing client base across the Midwest and South Florida, robust technology solutions are essential to their success.

To improve its technological capabilities and facilitate a seamless transition to a remote workforce, Kimcox Accounting sought a reliable IT partner. Enter GiaSpace, an outsourced IT services company that has supported and significantly benefitted Kimcox Accounting in numerous ways. With swift and efficient communication, GiaSpace ensures that its server and technological infrastructure are constantly updated and managed proactively, enabling Kimcox Accounting to focus on its business operations and growth.

Key Takeaways

  • GiaSpace helped Kimcox Accounting transition smoothly to a remote workforce and enhance its systems.
  • Effective communication and advisory services from GiaSpace provided solutions for Kimcox Accounting’s technological challenges.
  • GiaSpace’s ongoing IT support enables Kimcox Accounting to focus on growing its business and serving clients effectively.

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About Our Client: Kimcox Accounting

Kimcox Accounting is a nationwide small business advisory firm, led by Senior Adviser and President Chris Cox. They serve small to medium-sized businesses, offering accounting and compliance solutions and consultative services for daily operations. With a large concentration of clients in the Midwest and a growing presence in South Florida, Kimcox Accounting is known for its expertise in the advisory space.

The company operates remotely, relying on technology to collaborate with clients and manage day-to-day tasks. Their technology-based systems range from accounting programs to GiaSpace management tools for seamless operations. Since its inception in 2018, Kimcox Accounting has continuously grown, looking to enhance and expand its systems to accommodate remote employees.

During this growth phase, the company faced challenges with software updates, system downtimes, and a need for more communication from their technology service providers. This led them to seek a better solution and ultimately choose GiaSpace, a company known for its personalized service and high-quality server management.

GiaSpace provided Kimcox Accounting with various benefits, including moving its server to GiaSpace’s data center and managing it at a reasonable cost. This helped strengthen the company’s foundation for growth while ensuring employees have access to consistent, up-to-date software and resources.

Through their partnership with GiaSpace, Kimcox Accounting is now experiencing proactively managed systems, faster resolutions to problems, and top-notch communication—making them better equipped to care for their clients and scale their business.

Operational Model

Remote Collaboration

Kimcox Inc.’s operational model thrives on working remotely and collaboratively with their clients across the United States. With a strong presence in the Midwest and South Florida regions, the company provides advisory services and operational support to small and medium-sized businesses. Utilizing technology to facilitate collaboration, they ensure seamless communication, accounting, and consultations, effectively adapting to deliver tailor-made solutions to clients across the region.

Technology Dependence

The success of Kimcox’s advisory firm hinges on its reliance on technology to perform day-to-day operations, maintain client relationships, and provide essential consultative services. They have implemented technology-based solutions to handle accounting tasks, manage projects, and effectively support remote work. Technology enables Kimcox to enhance its systems, ensuring employees can access the necessary tools and resources.

Due to the dependence on technology and the need for consistent support, partnerships with IT service providers have become crucial. They require dedicated and reliable IT support to manage their data center, software updates, and system maintenance. A positive experience with the right IT service provider results in reduced issues, prompt resolutions, proactive management, and happier staff. Moreover, a trustworthy provider should be willing to discuss, recommend, and give advice on various technology projects without leaving the company feeling pressured or upsold.

In conclusion, Kimcox has harnessed the power of organizational strategies and technology to promote remote collaboration and maintain a competitive edge in the advisory services market. By leveraging the right tools and IT support, the company ensures efficiency and consistency while empowering its workforce to perform at their best.

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How GiaSpace Assisted Kimcox in Achieving Their Technological Objectives

Transitioning to a Remote Workforce

Kimcox, a small business advisory firm, sought to transition from physical office space to operating remotely to provide flexibility for their employees amidst the changing economy and increasing living costs. They required assistance enhancing their systems, as remote work heavily relies on technology solutions such as accounting programs and collaboration tools.

During this process, Kimcox faced challenges with its existing systems, including constant software and system issues and unresponsiveness from its previous technology providers. They needed help to improve their systems and operations to cater to a growing remote workforce.

The Necessity for System Enhancements

Kimcox has continuously grown since 2018 and needs to improve its systems accordingly. Seeking a technology partner that could assist them with their transition, they evaluated several different companies. GiaSpace emerged as a preferred partner, especially due to its approach and customized solutions for small businesses.

Some of the factors that led Kimcox to choose GiaSpace include:

  • Robert Giannini, the CEO and Founder of GiaSpace, visited Kimcox’s office and discussed their needs, fostering better understanding and trust.
  • GiaSpace offered to host and manage their server in their data center, providing a cost-effective solution to Kimcox.
  • They focused on growth and scalability, offering a solution tailor-made for small businesses rather than imposing high-end, expensive systems.

By partnering with GiaSpace, Kimcox has experienced efficient resolution of any system issues, prompt communication, and improved overall operations. GiaSpace proactively manages its systems, ensuring consistency and access to necessary software and tools for its remote workforce. Most importantly, GiaSpace provides reliable advice and assistance as Kimcox works towards its technology goals and further business growth.

Challenges With Previous IT Services Company

Inadequate Support

The previous IT services company needed to support the growing needs of the business adequately. As a small business advisory firm relying heavily on technology for day-to-day operations and client collaborations, it was crucial to have reliable IT support. Unfortunately, the company faced persistent software issues, system downtime, and a lack of necessary updates. This hindered their growth and made transitioning to a more remote workforce easier.

Slow Response Times

Another major issue was the slow response time from the previous IT services provider. During critical periods like tax season, it was problematic when receiving a callback for support took several days. In one instance, it took over two weeks to get a response after reaching out multiple times. This lack of support was frustrating and ultimately led the business to search for a better option.

Making The Change To GiaSpace For All Outsourced IT Services

Factors to Consider in the Decision

Several key factors contributed to switching to GiaSpace for IT services. These include better server management, cost-effective options, a consultative approach, and improved support for a growing, remote workforce.

Improvements in Server Management

GiaSpace provided a solution to in-house server issues by offering to move the server to its data center and manage it at a reasonable cost. This helped to eliminate the need for expensive upgrades and ensured that the IT infrastructure could grow along with the business.

Cost-Effective Solutions

In comparison to other IT service providers, GiaSpace provided a cost-effective option tailored to the needs of a growing small business. This allowed access to necessary technology and support without breaking the budget or pushing the company to invest beyond its current size.

Taking a Consultative Approach

GiaSpace went above and beyond by providing sound advice and feedback on various IT questions and projects without always pushing for additional sales. This consultative approach helped build trust and allowed for informed decision-making in the business’s best interest.

Support for a Remote Workforce

With the remote workforce becoming increasingly important, GiaSpace met the demand by offering prompt support and consistent updates. As a result, employees had access to the same resources, no matter their location, and experienced significantly fewer technical issues than before.

By addressing server management, cost-effectiveness, a consultative approach, and support for a remote workforce, GiaSpace proved to be a prime choice for outsourcing IT services. This seamless transition improved the overall technology infrastructure and provided a sense of trust and partnership as the company grew.

How GiaSpace Has Benefited Kimcox Accounting

Swift Issue Resolution

Kimcox Accounting has witnessed a significant improvement in resolving any technical issues, thanks to GiaSpace. Unlike their previous experience, where they had to wait for days or weeks to receive assistance, GiaSpace ensures that every request is taken care of promptly. This timely support has enhanced the overall satisfaction of Kimcox’s staff.

Proactive Management

GiaSpace’s proactive management has substantially reduced the number of technical issues that Kimcox Accounting encounters. The company keeps Kimcox’s systems up to date through regular updates while closely monitoring its infrastructure, enhancing the overall efficiency of the accounting firm.

Uniform Software Environment

Consistency is crucial in a technology-driven business like Kimcox Accounting. GiaSpace has played a vital role in establishing a consistent software environment by ensuring that all machines have the same software and access to the required resources. As a result, there’s a seamless flow of work and communication across different devices, improving overall productivity.

GiaSpace Excels At Communication And Advisory Services

Regular Updates

GiaSpace has proven successful in providing consistent and regular updates to its clients. As a business relying heavily on technology, smooth operation is crucial. GiaSpace’s proactive approach to managing systems has led to fewer issues and prompt resolution when they do arise. Clients no longer have to worry about different assets on different machines, thanks to GiaSpace ensuring consistency across all of their devices.

Decision Support

One key aspect that sets GiaSpace apart is its commitment to providing expert advice and guidance when clients need to make decisions related to their systems. They never try to sell unnecessary services or products and truly focus on giving clients the information they need to make informed choices. Whether it’s a question about updating software or implementing a new system, GiaSpace is always ready to offer valuable insights and support the company’s growth.

Why GiaSpace Is the Best Choice for Any Organization Seeking an Outstanding IT Partner

GiaSpace is the organization’s most reliable IT partners, especially for small and medium-sized businesses. This IT company understands that businesses heavily rely on technology to streamline their day-to-day operations, accounting, and compliance issues. Moreover, GiaSpace’s unique offerings make it the ideal choice for businesses across all industries.

Here are the key reasons why GiaSpace is the best choice for any organization:

  • Personalized Approach: GiaSpace takes a hands-on approach by visiting the client’s office, understanding their requirements, and providing tailored solutions. This level of personal attention ensures clients feel valued and confident in the proposed solutions.
  • Affordable & Scalable Solutions: Unlike other IT companies that may try to upsell their clients, GiaSpace offers affordable solutions that can grow with the business. They cater to organizations at different stages of growth, providing support without straining their budgets.
  • Quick & Efficient Support: GiaSpace is known for its excellent customer support. Their team promptly takes care of clients’ requests, ensuring minimal downtime and keeping the staff happy. This swift support allows businesses to focus on their core operations without worrying about technical issues.
  • Proactive Management: GiaSpace’s proactive approach ensures that clients’ systems are consistently updated and running smoothly. Their attention to detail reduces the frequency of technical issues, resulting in increased productivity for the organization.
  • Transparent Communication: GiaSpace maintains open communication channels with its clients, providing updates and expert advice whenever required. This level of transparency builds trust and enables businesses to make informed decisions about updating and improving their systems.
  • Expert Guidance: GiaSpace’s team is always available to provide practical, unbiased advice on various projects and system enhancements. Their primary goal is to help clients succeed rather than selling unnecessary products or services.

In conclusion, GiaSpace is undoubtedly the best choice for organizations seeking an exceptional IT partner who understands their client’s needs and provides personalized, affordable, and highly efficient solutions.