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Our $20,230 mistake. When signing a commercial lease, make sure you have a real estate attorney present to uncover the Easter eggs the landlord may have put into the contract for his sole benefit. We have been in the same building for about 9 years. We loved this building so much we renewed our lease in Feb 2017 for another year as offered. The SkinCenterFL on the floor we share with has been talking to the landlord regarding our space for years and Nov, the landlord approached us and informed us the Drs’ gave him an offer he could not refuse, and we had to relocate by May 31. to the suite below ours that was occupied by the FBI for Fraud couple of years ago. When we refused $$$$


CORRECTION: The SkinCenterFL, Dr Galitzer came to our office and showed me the emails from the landlord to them….  The landlord had told the Doctor to either take our space to occupy the entire floor, or he will not renew their lease and actually told them he would market the space to another Dermatologist to have access to his patients…  This entire time the landlord stated it was the SkinCenter when in all actuality it was landlord greed.  We are moving in May and will no longer be around this toxicity.  KARMA MDB