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This week the Helpdesk received a request to block a fake CEO email and the client asked for us to assist blocking them from Text message their cell phones.

The problem today is that with Social Engineering is that the person sending has gained knowledge or access to the company structure and is only sending to the intended Targets. Years ago this was easier to block because it was just Spam where they would send thousands of messages to all random recipients. Once you reply to these messages asking for your cell phone, they now have another layer to you that is also much harder to block. The hackers can use burner Text message services to contact you from multiple sources to make it harder to block or identify.

My suggestion for you is to remove the power from email and know that how important or urgent the message may seem, pick up the phone, and call the requester. Do not call the number they provide, pull up the number you know belongs to either the CEO or requester. Do not share your cell via email. Do not respond to requests to confirm orders via links in an email.

I ran across this article today that will also help in your personal life as well as in business.

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