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Disaster Recovery Is Business Assurance for Small – Medium Businesses.

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Can your business survive a disaster? If you’ve ever lost critical work or had your computer freeze resulting in lost information, then you know how frustrating and time consuming it can be to recreate the work. Now imagine the kind of financial devastation your company would experience if you lost a server, experienced a fire, flood or hurricane, or your network was hacked.

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Knowing You’re Prepared & Protected – Priceless

Keeping the business network, systems and data you depend on is vital to maintaining your competitive edge. With GiaSpace’s Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity IT services you’ll feel confident knowing your business operation is prepared and protected in the event of a natural or human disaster and that you’re able to access business critical data in hours* – not days or weeks.

We keep your business running smoothly, no matter the disaster.

Disaster Recovery Services:

  • Customized to Fit Your Business & Budget Needs
  • Software, Hardware & Management
  • Performs Automated Offsite, Remote Backups
  • Protection From Fire, Theft, Sabotage & Natural Disasters
  • Continuous Monitoring of Network Performance
  • Fail-Safe Routing of All Your Information
  • Ensures Compliance Requirements


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