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Capturing Screenshots in Outlook

Screenshots can make it easier to convey information, from instructions to error messages to key data. It will make the technician know and verify the main concern of the user to give the most accurate resolution.

How to use screenshot in Outlook

  1. On Outlook, click New Email.

Product design - Product

  1. Click Insert tab.

Design - Product design

  1. Locate Screenshot option.

Design - Product design

Note: If the screenshot option is grayed out, please click the body of email to enable it.

  1. Click on arrow down button under Screenshot. A drop down menu will appear with two options:
    • Available Windows – windows or applications that are currently open.
    • Screen Clipping – option to select particular screenshot.

In this example, we will select Screen Clipping to get the exact screenshot that will add on the email.

Product design - Product

  1. A screenshot will automatically attach to the body of the email.

Screenshot - Product design

Learn more about Capturing Screenshot in Outlook:
Capture Screenshots in Outlook




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