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Dell Premier Wireless ANC Headset – WL7022

Premier Wireless ANC Headset - WL7022

Dell Premier Wireless ANC Headset – WL7022

This is my personal favorite headset for taking phone calls while busy or walking around.


Dell Premier Wireless ANC Headset – WL7022


Intuitive features and smart call controls

Intuitive call features: Smart sensors automatically mute calls when you remove your headset and resume your call when you put it back on.

Easy access to call features: Answer your calls, adjust the volume, redial, and mute/unmute on the go with convenient call controls on your headset.

Wear it your way: Optimized for all day comfort and audio clarity; the boom mic can be easily adjusted to your left or right, whichever side you prefer.

Hearing protection: This feature automatically detects sudden loud noises and prevents audio spikes to protect your hearing.

Confirm your status at a glance: The status indicator light on your USB dongle lets you know if you’re on mute or in a call.

Real time voice prompts: Enhanced audio alerts automatically announce your connection status, talk time and mute status

Product Features

Product Features

1. Charging Stand | 2. USB Dongle | 3. Power on/off and Bluetooth switch | 4. Mute button | 5. Active noise canceling switch | 6. Call controls

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