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End User’s Guide to ThreatLocker Request Popups

ThreatLocker is an Application Whitelisting tool that is used to protect you from ransomware attacks and stop malicious files from running in your environment.

Requesting a New Application

When you try to run a program that is not permitted (not Whitelisted), you will receive a popup informing you that the program is blocked.


If this is a program that you don’t need for business, and not having this program is not interfering with your work, choose ‘Don’t show again’. Then you will not be bothered with this popup again in the future for this program; it will be silently blocked.

If you need this program for work, choose ‘Request Access’. The following window will open.


You can enter a message explaining what you are requesting and why you need it. Although optional, this is encouraged to help when processing your request.

The email address field is also optional but encouraged. It will auto-populate whatever was inputted there last. If you leave this field empty, you will not be notified once your request is processed.

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Requesting Administrator Permission

A second type of request popup you may see is a Request Elevation popup. When you try to run a program as an Administrator, you will receive the following popup. You can see it says ‘Request Elevation’ instead of ‘Request Access’.


You will also receive a UAC popup from Windows. If you have local administrator credentials, you can input them in the UAC prompt. You can click’ Request Elevation’ if you do not have local admin credentials.

The Request to Elevate an Application window is filled out similarly to the Request to Run a New Program window.

You may input a message explaining why you need admin privileges for this program.


You can also input your email address so you can receive a notification when your request is processed.

Beginning in 7.3, you will receive a popup informing you when your request has been approved.


Click the ‘Run Now’ button to run your requested application.

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