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Business Continuity

Wednesday, July 12, 2017 | BY: Giaspace

Business Continuity – Because Your Business Can’t Be Replaced.

Following a disaster, there is no “business as usual”. When your company experiences downtime for any reason, the result is lost revenue, productivity, and clients. You can mitigate these concerns with our Business Continuity Solutions.

Protecting Your Critical Data & Business Operations Under Any Circumstance

While disaster recovery services and business continuity solutions are similar, technically they are different. Disaster recovery is data focused, whereas business continuity solutions focus on you being able to do business during a failure or disaster.

Put simply, it means that when a failure or disaster occurs, our Disaster Recovery services and Business Continuity solutions ensure your mission-critical data is accessible and your business is available to employees, customers and vendors – with little to no downtime.

Don’t let a disaster determine the success of your Business. Schedule a Free Security Audit

Business Continuity Tailored to Your Business Needs

From planning to implementation, GiaSpace Disaster Recovery services & Business Continuity solutions ensure that, in the event of a disaster, your business recovers quickly and efficiently.


Our services include:

Disaster Planning

Our Audit, Evaluation and Consultative service provides you with a plan to help protect your key business data, maintain productivity and limit financial losses during a disaster.

Then we implement the plan and ensure your business continuity plan evolves to meet the needs of your company over time.

Backup Solutions

Offsite backups give you round-the-clock protection, allowing you to restore data quickly so your business can continue to run reliably.

Disaster Recovery Services

Ensure you and your employees can access your business data and proprietary applications following a disaster.

Cloud Services

Cloud technology gives you and your employees access to your infrastructure, software, and data wherever and whenever you need it.

Monitoring & Management Services

24/7 Proactive IT support allows you to shift your focus back from the disruption to running your company, where it belongs.

Contact us today and see how GiaSpace can help with your Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity needs. To learn more, complete our form and we’ll call you!

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